A Note From Cultus Artem (COVID-19 Response)

Photo taken in front of our atelier.

April has arrived and with it the vines of jasmine bloom in front of our atelier, as they do every Spring. The odour is that ordinary kind of magic… that breath of flowers that, even under the current circumstances, is quite beautiful.

The purpose of this article is to inform you that yes, we are still processing orders. In understanding the current context, we want to be as transparent in our decisions and business practices. On the onset of the pandemic, we halted all our marketing efforts because we were trying to understand the situation and focus on our own personal safety and that of those around us.

After thoughtful consideration, we have decided to restart our marketing efforts. We’ve been in contact with our business partners and supporters during this time and are extremely grateful for the community and friendships that have been created with the brand. We are a small business and we need to continue to operate in order to support our staff and to create our products for the world to experience.

· All of our staff has been social distancing since mid-March and we quickly implemented work-from-home procedures during this time.
· We are headquartered in San Antonio, TX, which to date hasn’t become a hotspot.
· When required, we work singly in shift rotations to ensure adequate social distancing if we need to work in our atelier. This is communicated and coordinated daily.
· The owner and staff are in constant daily communication. In this communication, we discuss daily changes in the business, and we are continuously attentive to our staff’s personal wellbeing and safety.

Shipping Procedures
· We wipe down and disinfect our work areas in our atelier daily and between uses.
· All our products are vertically integrated into our business. This means that our packaging, marketing, fragrance filling, and shipment preparation occurs in our atelier – under one roof. Only our staff interacts with your shipment prior to shipping.
· We are able to process orders in a way that is safe for our staff. We do not use large warehouses and we ship directly from our atelier using the mentioned internal protocols.

We are always open to dialogue and sharing. Please contact us with any questions we’d be delighted to talk.

Be safe and be kind and take time for yourself.