Cultus Artem partners with Bergdorf Goodman

CULTUS ARTEM is excited to announce: We will be partnering with Bergdorf Goodman in September 2019.

Cultus Artem’s first fragrance collection will soon be available for purchase at the luxury department store, Bergdorf Goodman, on 5th avenue in Midtown Manhattan. Informed by a lifetime seeped in fine arts and global cultures, creative director and perfumer, Holly Tupper, has developed eight fragrances borne of an instinctive appreciation of timeless elegance and primal sensibilities.

Marrying exquisite and rare natural botanical ingredients with traditional perfume manufacturing techniques, Cultus Artem delivers a fragrance experience that is tactile and engrossing. In an era of fast fashion and mass consumption, the act of composing from scratch with an emphasis on intricate details and the execution of a cohesive and artful final product results in a singular form of luxury. This meticulous craft honours the age in which objects of beauty were a reflection of one’s refined sensibilities, and thus merited the unhurried dedication of its creators.

Such an approach to craftsmanship and style aligns idyllically with the tradition of luxury at Bergdorf Goodman. Cultus Artem’s high regard for provenance and exploration of contemporary creativity will reside harmoniously inside this 120-year-old institution. To be discovered and introduced to Bergdorf Goodman by Linda Fargo, Senior Vice President and Fashion Direction, is monumental for any brand as she has been celebrated throughout her career, like Bergdorf Goodman throughout its own history, as a beacon of style and influence.

We’re looking forward to becoming part of the iconic tradition in the heart of New York City this Fall.