Hydration Elixir Body Care – Waste Mitigation

Waste mitigation is a priority in Cultus Artem’s Hydration Elixir skincare collection.

We take a mindful approach and believe that small steps accumulate to affect change. We devised internal protocols around waste mitigation with our skincare line, and all of our actions were considered.

Examples of how we mitigate waste run the gamut from cleaning with cloth rags, which can be laundered and repeatedly reused, rather than paper towels, to using sterilizable glass and metal rather than disposable plastic in our laboratory, to how we multitask our packaging.

Multitask Packaging

Packaging components can be overproduced and create excessive waste.

Our skincare line features three products with very distinct textures tailored for different hydration needs and preferences.

Typically, a product like our body cream, with a thicker texture, would be packaged in a jar; however, we worked hard to ensure that each of our products could be packaged in the same glass bottle with the same pump, without compromising on the products’ textures, to prevent overproduction of packaging components.

Using different containers for each texture would also require additional labels, lids, and boxes, all with their own minimum order quantities (MOQ).

We fill our skincare, the Hydration Elixir collection, in-house as needed and distribute directly to you and wholesalers.

Performing these functions in-house eliminates the need for a distributor or a contract filler, significantly reducing any potential overstocking, wastage, and additional shipping between outside facilities.

The diminished need to transport packaging components back and forth from manufacturers to warehouses to fill companies to shipping centers further reduces our carbon footprint.

We are always open to discussion, and if you have any questions regarding packaging or products, please contact our Client Services team.

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