Hydration Elixir Collection

Cultus Artem – Hydration Elixir Body Care

Cultus Artem presents three formulations: Moisture Milk, Moisture Cream, and Body Oil for its initial launch as part of the Hydration Elixir Collection.

The collection was created with all-natural, and many organic ingredients to hydrate and feed your skin.

Our initial release of the Hydration Elixir Body Care is a one-product approach with the highest quality ingredients to address all of your significant skincare concerns. The collection includes botanical fruit and seed oils, extracts containing anti-inflammatories and antioxidants, vitamins necessary for skin health and radiance, and natural solutions for fine line reduction and the appearance of firmer skin and a healthy glow.

The Body Oil, Moisture Cream, and Moisture Milk can be used individually or layered depending on your preference.

Pleasant to apply with a soothing sensation, these three products' scent is a mix of earthy and grounding fragrance. Our founder and perfumer, Holly Tupper, developed the fragrance to enhance your experience without interfering in any subsequent perfume application.

In a continuation of our fragrance line made-to-order principle, we reduce our waste footprint by fulfilling each Hydration Elixir Collection order individually by hand in our atelier in San Antonio, TX. Each ingredient is ethically sourced and cruelty-free.

“Having spent fifteen or so years across a couple of continents learning, formulating, designing, perfecting, and gaining regulatory approval of my fragrances, I had the scientific knowledge and confidence to consider developing skincare. It has been the luckiest and most exciting journey. The creative and artistic process of developing first a perfume collection and now skincare to meld with the last thirty years of my jewelry making has been inordinately satisfying.” – Holly Tupper, creator, and founder of Cultus Artem.