CULTUS ARTEM, led by creative director and perfumer Holly Tupper, launches its collection of luxury fine fragrances and jewelry. CULTUS ARTEM marries exquisite natural raw materials with traditional manufacturing techniques to deliver a tactile and engrossing experience.

This is an exciting time for the world of fragrance and an especially auspicious one for independent perfume houses able to cater to an expanding  clientele that is not only increasingly well-informed and discerning, but also adventurous in its tastes,  and passionately interested in a remarkable diversity of scents.



To explore traditional, labour-intensive techniques and the precious natural materials of perfume’s golden age with a bold spirit of contemporary creativity.


To capture the essence of beauty with an uncompromising approach to every detail of production and packaging – emulating the small family-run concerns that once made distinctive luxury goods for a select and loyal clientele, which they expected to serve for generations.


To employ the knowledge garnered from over twenty-five years of experience as a bespoke jeweller, catering to an exclusive, intensely private, international clientele, designing and fabricating by hand one-of-a-kind works in gemstones and precious metals.

Our approach to fragrance is inspired by the ways that great jewellers spend their lives contemplating gemstones — among the most precious raw materials produced by nature — and how master craftsmen in the first instance, see their primary task to be revealing a gemstone’s individual beauty and character, and then presenting this in a new light that reflects their own gifts and temperaments as artists.

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