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Lemon hinted sweet magnolia blossoms and gentle mandarin orange notes are rounded with hay and beeswax.

Cruelty-free. Made in the USA.

EU Regulation (EC) N°1223/2009 Compliant.

lemony, floral MAGNOLIA BLOOMS



The intoxicatingly joyous lemon-floral scent of magnolias is the heart of Alba, a fragrance borne in Spring, imparting uplifting and positive emotions.

'After living in South East Asia for many years, moving to San Antonio, Texas, was a jarring experience. There is fragility associated with arriving in a new environment and having to become re- established in life and work. It was a beautiful Spring, and our neighborhood was exploding with new life.

Blooming magnolia trees, planted back in the 1920s and '30s when the area was being developed, were scenting every street with magic. Thinking about the Chinese origin of the Magnolia species made a comforting bridge between what had been left behind and what would be a new beginning' — Holly Tupper, Perfumer

Cultus Artem perfumes contain only fragrance oils, distilled water and perfumery alcohol.

Alba Ingredient List

  • Red Mandarin
  • Chinese Magnolia Blossoms
  • Hydrodistillation of Blooming Basil
  • Verbena of Grasse
  • Italian Lemon
  • Geranium
  • Bulgarian Rose
  • French Jonquille
  • Hay
  • Beeswax of Western Honey Bees
  • Paraguayan Guaiacwood

Our fragrances are free of parabens, organosulfates, phthalates, color additives, synthetic dyes, ethanolamine aka ETA/MEA, diethanolamine aka DEA, triethanolamine aka TEA, and toluene. No decolorizing of the ingredients has occurred.

All of our fragrance formulas are vetted by an in-house chemist and further certified by an independent toxicologist. They conform to the most stringent international regulator compliance and safety standards as defined by EU (European Union) and IFRA (International Fragrance Association) regulators.

Alba is not a vegan fragrance. Butter and honey extracts are ingredients in some of our perfumes. Our fragrances are cruelty-free.