Our Story

Cultus Artem is a luxury fragrance, skincare and jewelry house founded and led by Holly Tupper. Originally established in the 1990s in Singapore, the house was rebranded as Cultus Artem in the U.S. in 2015 and is located in San Antonio, Texas. Each collection is crafted with intention in small quantities in the spirit of skilled artisans of centuries past.

Cultus Artem derives its name from the Latin “cultus,” meaning the practice of adornment, and “artem,” the root word for art, or the conscious arrangement of elements to affect the senses and emotions. Across all three collections, Cultus Artem explores traditional, time-intensive techniques as a means to transform rare, precious materials into distinctive sensorial compositions.

A Considered Approach

Cultus Artem luxury fragrances and skincare essentials are crafted with intention in small quantities. Taking inspiration from the production methods of skilled artisans of centuries past, this slow, considered approach helps mitigate waste created by overproduction and ensures the highest quality possible.

Each Cultus Artem fragrance and skincare product is hand-formulated from natural, botanical and rare ingredients at Cultus Artem’s atelier. All products are blended, batched and packaged on-site, thus eliminating the potential for overstocking and reducing the carbon impact caused by excess shipping.