Cultus Artem fragrances marry exquisite natural raw materials with traditional manufacturing techniques to deliver a tactile, transparent and engrossing experience with a bold spirit of contemporary creativity.

Harmonies for a daytime of spontaneity.

Enticement and seduction in the complexities of emotion.

A lover’s desire anchored in the embrace of calm acceptance.

Reckless delirium in a bottle.

A mirage in the noon of an intense summer day. Sharp but glazed with honeyed heat. 

An uninhibited, wild nocturnal beat.

A spirit medium that ambles gracefully with a wild heart.

An homage adorned with the nectar of joy.

Our discovery set includes all eight of our fine fragrances in handy travel size roll on bottles.

Experience all eight Cultus Artem fine fragrances. Each sample flight is offered with a $50 credit towards your purchase of a 50mL fragrance of choice.