Cultus Artem


$ 580

Beguiling, illusionary, spectral Champaca is a spirit medium that ambles gracefully with a wild heart. A white narcotic floral, the scent is animated with the fruitier flowers Davana and Ylang-Ylang, which compose the heart of the fragrance along with Apricot and Pear. Powder of Iris Root and Violet Blooms sprinkle over the rich creamy pulp of Coconut. It is the breath of the jungle with wild-crafted Red Champaca.


Indian davana
Wild-crafted red champaca
Chinese orris root
Egyptian violet
Coconut pulp
French opoponax

Cultus Artem perfumes contain only fragrance oils, distilled water, and perfumery alcohol. They are free of BHA, BHT, color additives and synthetic dyes, ethanolamines (ETA, DEA and TEA), formaldehyde, organosulfates, parabens, phthalates, and toluene. We do not test on animals. Our perfumes are not vegan (we use butter and honey extracts).