Cultus Artem


$ 580

Percussive and carnal, Poeticus opens wildly to an uninhibited nocturnal beat. In a bouquet of intoxicating Narcissus and ripened Osmanthus pulse with corporeal Cumin. Voluptuous swirls of animalic Blackcurrant and sumptuous Butter are laced with the incense of Myrrh and Labdanum.  The heightened eroticism of Poeticus conjures a rare natural phenomenon: a red monochrome rainbow at the brink of opulent darkness, an extraction of the long wavelength, the heavy light sublimes, the blood flows… all bloom, all body.


Chinese orris root
Clary amber
Egyptian cumin
Indian jasmine sambac
Spanish labdanum
Chinese osmanthus
Blackcurrant buds

Cultus Artem perfumes contain only fragrance oils, distilled water, and perfumery alcohol. They are free of BHA, BHT, color additives and synthetic dyes, ethanolamines (ETA, DEA and TEA), formaldehyde, organosulfates, parabens, phthalates, and toluene. We do not test on animals. Our perfumes are not vegan (we use butter and honey extracts).