The Perfect Gift for Fragrance Lovers

The Perfect Gift for Fragrance Lovers

Hear why our Cult Discovery Set featuring all eight unique Cultus Artem fragrances has become a Gifting Bestseller from Holly Tupper our Founder and Perfumer.



'This is our gorgeous Discovery Set, its a perfect gift.

Inside the box you’ll find a little brochure that describes all of the fragrances, the ingredients, the top notes.

And special bonus, a beautiful poem written for each one of the fragrances written by American Poet, Barbara Ras.

The box contains two of these gorgeous little flip open boxes so its all eight of our fragrances, four in each box.

The packaging was inspired by a 1930s Lanvin travel set which I discovered in Paris one year.

The bottles are fab, easy to transport and are roll on, really fun application.

And this gives people a chance to not only discover our fragrances individually but experiment a little.

We do encourage layering because I love the idea of people being able to make what I’ve created their own, create their own unique sillage, their own unique scent-wake.

So, enjoy as a gift for yourself or as a gift for friends and sometimes people actually split them so they might keep one for themselves and share one with a friend!’

- Holly Tupper, Founder and Perfumer 

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