L'OFFICIEL USA – February 2020

Meet Cultus Artem, One of the Most Luxurious New Brands in Clean Beauty

by Peter Davis

Sustainability has become an essential goal across the fashion and beauty industries as brands and consumers alike realize the true impact of their actions and imagine ways to lessen their environmental footprints (and surround ourselves with better ingredients in the process). Perfume is no exception to this new movement, with the latest to join the growing world of clean fragrance being Holly Tupper. Her new brand, , launched at Bergdorf Goodman this past September and guarantees you’ll be misting yourself with the cleanest ingredients out there. And beyond its olfactory expertise, the high-end collection displays Tupper's skills as a luxury jewelry designer. The perfumer uses her designs and natural scent memories from her childhood as inspiration for Cultus Artem’s dreamy fragrances, creating a sentimental, unforgettable experience. Read on to learn more about Tupper's process and the innovative perfume collection that has emerged from it.