Modern Luxury - June 2022

Modern Luxury - June 2022

How This Cult Beauty Brand Stays True to its Artisanal Roots

by Holly Martinez

San Antonio atelier Cultus Artem elevates handcrafted, small-batch fragrance and skincare to a fine art.

There is nothing more intimate than the scents we wear on our skin—and the same can be said of crafting these products for a select few. “The sensuality of that experience to me is the art form,” explained Cultus Artem founder Holly Tupper, whose passion for her craft is deeply personal and drives her dedication to oversee every stage of her in-house production.

The philosophy behind the brand can be summed up by its name: “Cultus” is Latin for the practice of adornment and “Artem”—the root word for art—is the conscious arrangement of elements to affect the senses and emotions. “I wanted to create a name that really spoke to the complete essence of what I am about, why I am doing what I do, and how I am doing it,” said Tupper, who has over 30 years of global experience in the art, skincare, and fragrance industries. 

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