Vogue – Spring 2021 Best Fragrances – ALBA (April 2021)

Spring’s Best Fragrances Are Big on Personality

by Janelle Okwodu

The 19 Best Fragrances for Spring – Vogue

"Nothing is as readily associated with fragrance as spring. Even if you aren’t putting on a scent of your own, nature provides plenty of olfactory inspiration, be it in the ever-present blooming flowers, plentiful fresh fruits, or simply the desire to spend more time outdoors. Spring 2021 may come with caveats—you should keep that mask on even if you’re stopping to smell the roses—but its themes of renewal and reinvention are intact. As such, the fragrances that resonate now are those that have rich histories, channel a feeling of cheerful happiness, or diverge from the norm with unexpected ingredients or sustainable craftsmanship. Big on personality and filled with new ideas, they represent the season’s optimistic sense of promise."

– Janelle Okwodu


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"Perfume is the memory of the heart."

George Sand