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    • Rosa (Sample)
  • Rosa (Sample)
  • Rosa (Sample)
  • Rosa (Sample)

Rosa (Sample)

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A warm and earthy green rose with Indonesian clove leaf, honeysuckle from Egypt and patchouli. 

1.5 mL, roll-on reusable bottle. 

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Vegan. Cruelty-free. Made in the USA.

EU Regulation (EC) N°1223/2009 Compliant.

Red & white ROSES


Powdery honey-floral CASSIE


The rose is the queen of flowers and inspiration of poets.
The rose is a source of beauty, joy and happiness as it is a union of the spiritual and the physical.

This fragrance started as an homage to someone who spent their life in joy.
On the one hand, practical and down to earth, and on the other, full of loftier ideals with a deep thirst for understanding and knowledge. A truly honorable being who held tight to family and supported all in their presence.

Cultus Artem perfumes contain only fragrance oils, distilled water and perfumery alcohol.

Rosa Ingredient List

  • Turkish Rose Damascene
  • Moroccan Mimosa
  • Egyptian Cassie
  • Clove
  • Indian Tuberose
  • Egyptian Honeysuckle
  • Patchouli
  • Indian Sandalwood

Our fragrances are free of parabens, organosulfates, phthalates, color additives, synthetic dyes, ethanolamine aka ETA/MEA, diethanolamine aka DEA, triethanolamine aka TEA, and toluene. No decolorizing of the ingredients has occurred.

All of our fragrance formulas are vetted by an in-house chemist and further certified by an independent toxicologist. They conform to the most stringent international regulator compliance and safety standards as defined by EU (European Union) and IFRA (International Fragrance Association) regulators.

Rosa is a vegan fragrance. Our fragrances are cruelty-free.

Since these fragrances are presented in a rollerball and not spray application there is a different volume of fragrance. Apply your roller application fragrance by touching the roller-ball lightly against the pressure points of your wrists and neck and rolling slowly in a circular motion. Do this five times to achieve the same result as a spritz from one of our full size fragrance spray atomizers.