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Tuberosa is a mellifluous fragrance, extravagantly saturated with florid vehemence.  Due to its intricate character, tuberose has served as muse to many French perfumers since the 1930’s. Tuberosa blends white florals of musky, earthy temporal notes and infuses them with kaleidoscopic prisms of Bergamot, Siamese Benzoin, and Tolu Balsams' resinous spices. The narcotic floral glimmers with apricot, clove and canaga, and then seeps into delirium with the milky earthy syrup of Gardenia. Tuberosa is reckless delirium in a bottle.


Indian tuberose
Italian bergamot
Indonesian (Javanese) canaga
Indonesian clove bud
French tolu balsam
Siamese benzoin
Indian sandalwood